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As well as the onboard MP3 player or the ipod, the LG Rhythm has a built-in FM radio, so you can tune into your favourite radio stations and store up them. LG Phone Problem and solution

You can store up to 12 channels in the LG Rhythm, and it is easy to set up:

  1. Firstly you must plug your headset into the LG Rhythm, which acts as an antenna for the radio, you can’t use the FM radio without the headset.
  2. In the main menu, scroll to highlight Music. Press OK.
  3. Scroll down to highlight FM radio. Press OK.
  4. You are now presented with the radio screen, with 12 channel slots available. To tune in, press Options, highlight Auto scan and press OK.
  5. You will be asked to confirm Auto scan now? Highlight Yes. Press OK.
  6. The radio will be begin scanning frequencies. When it finds a station, you will be asked Save this station? If you want to save it, highlight Yes and press OK. It will be stored in the appropriate channel slot. (If you don’t want to save it, highlight No and press OK, and the radio will continue scanning frequencies.)
  7. The radio will continue scanning and asking whether you want to save stations in a similar way until all the channel slots are taken up.
  8. Once completed you will be returned to the main radio screen. You can  select channels by hitting the appropriate number keys on the slide out numberpad, or by scrolling through them using the control pad arrowed directional keys.

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scott on 22 April, 2009 at 9:07 pm #

this is not true i have the lg rhythm and it does not have an fm radio on it

Pork on 30 June, 2009 at 12:00 pm #

They don’t have a radio. You are correct sir.

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