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LG Revolution owners over on Verizon will be happy to know they can finally upgrade their devices from V910ZV7 to V910ZV8. The update is available now, it brings with a host of improvements, all listed below. Sit tight if you’re still waiting, and hit the source link for detailed instructions on how to initiate and accept the OTA push.

Enhancements of the LG Revolution V910ZV8 Update:

  • Improved battery life
  • Fixed LTE power cycling issue
  • Fixed Back soft key from exiting Browser
  • Google security updates
  • HDMI playback improvements
  • SmartShare 2.0
  • CMAS implementation
  • Various bug fixes and pre-loaded app updates

Make sure your battery is fully charged or plugged into a charger. Here is what will happen..

  1. You will receive a notification window that lets you know that an update is available and is about to be sent to your LG Revolution. The Window is a Blueish-purple screen, so you can’t miss it!
  2. A timer will give you about 5 minutes do decide whether you want the update right now or wait for a better time.
  3. If you choose to accept the update right now, the Update will download in the "Background" to your phone, so you should be able to finish up whatever you are doing with the phone while it’s downloading.
  4. MAKE SURE the phone’s battery is fully charged or it is plugged into to a charger.
  5. When the update is downloaded, the phone will beep and, again, you will see a notification screen asking if you want to proceed.
  6. NOTE – you will not be able to do anything with the phone during the update! The update will take about 7 minutes, so plan on not being able to make calls or receive calls, or any messaging.
  7. You will be notified when the update is complete.
  8. During the update the phone might reboot, this is normal.



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I need to update my phone lg vs910 4g

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Still waiting

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