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An LG Android Smartphone has recently paid a visit to the FCC, bearing the model number VS920, one of the rumored names of the LG Revolution 2, and since it supports 900MHz, 1,900MHz, and 2,100MHz WCDMA and HSPA frequencies for 3G on those networks, it’s most likely headed for Verizon. It seems that the LG Revolution 2 is the successor to the original LG Revolution VS910, and the rumor said we’ll be seeing this one on or around October 20th? LG Cell Phone News

While there still hasn’t been an official announcement from LG regarding the LG Revolution 2 just yet, if it has visited the FCC, looks like we’re one step closer to seeing it being officially announced, right? Apart from the above, no other specifications, launch date or pricing were divulged. LG-Revolution info

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androboy85 on 20 November, 2011 at 10:11 am #

i need help regarding this phone. i have a proto type and . i lost the verizon 4g lte sim . now i need to restart the phone without verizon sim.

The phone was done factory reset and now is asking for the sim to be inserted to proceed further and login to main menu of the phone. Please help me . i need to try without sim card. would QNC file will help me doing it.

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