LG Renoir wap settings

It should work by using the following (vodafone), though I don’t test on my LG Renoir KC910.  LG Phone Problem and solution

LG Renoir KC910 wap setting steps (vodafone):  LG-Renoir info

1. From main screen tap the menu icon
2. tap settings (the spanner and screwdriver) icon on the right
hand side
3. Select phone settings icon
4. tap connectivity
5. tap access points
6. at the bottom right corner select the add icon
7. At connection title tap and enter vodafone wap. (to turn on T9
predictive text tap or
tap on the T9 symbol and check the green dot is highlighted)
8. tap the save key
9. At Bearer tap the + sign and select UMTS and tap OK
10. At Authentication tap the + sign and select as PAP and tap
11. At username enter wap and tap OK                
12. At password tap and enter wap and tap OK
13. At APN text box tap and enter
for Contract Customers: wap.vodafone.co.uk
for PayT Customers: pp.vodafone.co.uk
14. and tap OK
15. tap save
16. Press back, (the arrow icon) 3 times
17. tap web (globe with an arrow) icon on the right hand side
18. tap the www icon
19. Scroll down and tap browser settings
20. tap profiles
21. Scroll to the profile
22. tap activate
23. tap the sub menu (bottom left icon) and tap add new
24. At Service name tap and enter Vodafone WAP tap OK
25. Tap the homepage text box and enter the home page required


http://live.vodafone.com and tap OK
26. At connection mode tap the + sign
27. tap TCP with proxy and tap OK
28. tap the text box below IP address and enter
(the existing 0s will be
replaced) tap OK
29. Scroll the screen up
30. At proxy server port tap the text box and enter 8799
31. at Access Point tap the + sign and tap your new profile i.e.
Vodafone WAP
32. tap save
33. tap the back arrow 5 times to return to idle screen.

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