LG Renoir tips – modifying the ringtone sound

Some LG Renoir owners asked me how to modify their ringtone sound, and now I got the instruction on the LG Renoir forum. Follow the tutorial below to modify the LG Renoir’s ringtone sound.  LG Phone Problem and solution

1. Go to the service software menu 3845#*910#  (as if you are going to dial for a call)
2. Go to (2) Test Device
3. Then (8) Sound
4. Then (7) Audio CAL Tool
5. Then (1) Sound Calibration
7. Change in snd_device_type “SPK_PHONE”
8. Change in snd_method_type_type “MIDI”
9. Change in Item_Title “rx X _db (December) to rx7_db(dec)
10. Input "800" in Data Set
11. Click on the arrow to go back 1 time (top right) or the “Multi” (middle button)
12. Finally, click on “Write on Sound DB to EFS (top line)
13.Now repeat the process but for
rx6_db(dec) data set 700
rx5_db(dec) data set 600
rx4_db(dec) data set 500
rx3_db(dec) data set 400
rx2_db(dec) data set 300
rx1_db(dec) data set 200
leave rx0_db(dec) as it is
14. Use the red button (hang up) to exit test.  LG-Renoir info

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5 thoughts on “LG Renoir tips – modifying the ringtone sound”

  1. my question is similar with john..
    please give me the default set data for each ringtone, cause i want to set it back to default. Thanks

    I think it was louder..I want my phone gone normally..Thx

  2. The default (from my phone) is below:

    snd_device_type “HANDSET”
    snd_method_type “VOICE”
    Item_Title “rx0_db(dec)”
    Get Data “-5000”

    I hope it help you! 😀

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