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Note: Theme modifications Compatability: Any OPEN (or unbranded) firmwares dated later than NOV-2008 LG-Renoir info

LG RenoirBlack Theme mod v1:

This has full colour icons on the black theme and modified “click ring” files for speed
The four LIST_ICON_CLIC files to be put in /lgapp/media/swf/flashmenu/themes subfolder/themes/theme1

These change the apparence of the circular “click ring” and i have altered the animation to make it more responsive. this significantly reduces lag in the main menu. Read the full story

LG RenoirBlack theme mod v1.1 with FPS increase:

On this archive i have set all pertinent .swf files to 50fps. People are reaching for 120, but in my testing that seems to allow too much processing for the background widgets and not allowing any real increase in the menus. I have set mine to 50, which gives a smoother response when scrolling through second and third level menus, and the calendar widget still works!  Read the full story

LG RenoirFull FPS and speed modification – v2.0:

It includes:
Colour icons on black
No click ring in main menu (why have it there and nowhere else?)
More recent .swf versions
Click and drag now works in the Gallery!
Photos load faster in file browser
Better click-and-drag of the menu and shortcut icons    Read the full story

Thanks for g.lewarne

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george on 13 April, 2009 at 5:03 pm #

I’m in the U.S. with t-mobile as the carrier. I can’t get youtube to play any videos.I also can’t go to some other websites while connected to WiFi. I get the memory full error. I added a 8gb card and set the primary storage setting to external but still get the memory error. I was unable to set up my yahoo email. I just canceled my unlimited internet with t-mobile because I couldn’t get the phone to connect to the internet through the phone service. I’m looking for any suggestions. t-mobile and U.S. lg won’t give me any support.

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