LG Renoir problems

The problem is LG’s inability to make the stylus fit in the LG Renoir, rather than on a stupid attatchment which looks like a key fob. LG-Renoir info

The LG Renoir is a little slow loading things, especially if you’ve left it for a while, and i’ve hit the application limit a couple of times.

My favourite bit has to be the ratchet clicking effect it does while you scroll through menus, it’s perfect.

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32 thoughts on “LG Renoir problems”

  1. I have had the KC910 for 3 weeks and it worked for 4 days of that time. It does shutdown on it own and freezes. It also freezes, inconsistantly, when opening the lens for the camera. It is a pity as, when it did work, I thought it easy to use, fantastic reception and excellent pictures. Moot point when it just will not work. Worst buy for me and wish I got one that worked. It is going back for repairs…not replacement….which annoyed me. Fingers crossed.

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