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Q: Is it possible to have the LG Renoir more than one Java app open at once?

A: I just tested my LG Renoir: amaZeGPS (utilizes GPS), BallBall (utilizes accelerometer), Tankzors (game with sound), Compass program.

Had all of these running at once no problem, whilst also being connected to the internet via PC (doesn’t stop you from making calls etc, but cannot use phone for browsing whilst doing so.), You can probably run more than that but I didn’t bother, keep in mind that some programs eat more RAM than others so you might not be able to run 6 data heavy programs.

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Then I disconnected from the PC. I was able to connect to a website with the standard browser whilst also having opera mini running.

I’d like to add that the standard Renoir browser allows you to open multiple pages with a tabs system anyway, I assume the viewty doesn’t have this ability.

The LG Renoir has a dedicated multi tasking button btw, the one that lights up white in the middle, I recommend you go into a phone store and see if they have fool around models.

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Shahab on 18 March, 2009 at 5:03 am #

Can one install a program bigger than 4 MBs on this phone ?
Would u plz mail me ur answer
thx 😉

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