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The mms settings for LG Renoir KC910 (vodafone). Hope it’s helpful. LG Phone Problem and solution

1. From main screen tap the messaging icon at the bottom of the
screen.  LG-Renoir info
2. Scroll the screen up and tap Messaging settings.
3. Tap Multimedia Message
4. Scroll down and tap multi msg centre
5. Tap the bottom left icon and tap Add New
6. At Title tap and enter Contract MMS.
7. At MMSC URL tap and enter
http://live.vodafone.co.uk/servlets/mms then click

8. At MMS Proxy tap and enter then tap OK
9. Scroll the screen up to Connection Mode should be set to TCP
with proxy.
10. Access point should be: for pre-configured Vodafone live!
devices, for Contract
Customers Contract WAP and for PayT PayT WAP or for non Vodafone
live! devices the
internet profile set up in “Setting up WAP” guide.
11. click SAVE
12. Select the new setting and at the bottom of the screen, select
This’ll get it working for you!

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