LG Renoir – Increase the volume

To increase the LG Renoir volume of your ringtones:

1. Go to the service software menu 3845#*910# (as if you are going to dial for a call)

2. Go to (2) Test Device

3. Then (8) Sound

4. Then (7) Audio CAL Tool

5. Then (1) Sound Calibration


7. Change in snd_device_type “SPK_PHONE”

8. Change in snd_method_type_type “MIDI”

9. Change in Item_Title “rx X _db (December)” (where X is the value of your choice)

10. The values “Get Data” should be modified for that click in the “Data Set” (the numeric keypad is displayed) to enter the desired number and then click OK. To have a negative value, click the button “minus “(less) then click OK to change it.  LG-Renoir info
Personally I just changed the value of “rx7_db(dec)” since this is the highest setting and you only normally have one volume set at one time.

11. Click on the arrow to go back 1 time (top right) or the “Multi” (middle button)

12. Finally, click on “Write on Sound DB to EFS (top line)

13. You can change the time or the parameter (s) use the red button (hang up) to exit test.

If you want to test your new volume setting you will need to ring your mobile from another phone. Testing from the volume selection menu on your phone WON’T play your changes. LG Phone Problem and solution

To increase the LG Renoir volume of your text alerts:
Follow the steps above changing 7 and 8 to SPK_MEDIA and MESSAGE respectively but again you will not notice a difference in volume if you test from within your phone. You will need to send yourself a message (or just wait for one to come in if you have lots of friends) to test your changes.

To increase the LG Renoir volume of the popup bleeps:
I don’t know why anyone would want to do this other than as a joke on a mates phone  or to perhaps decrease the volume without turning it off completely but here’s how anyway:
Simply follow the same steps as above changing 7 and 8 to SPK_MEDIA and MIDI respectively.
Jtribe if you could add this to your first post it should make everyones life a tad easier.

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