LG Renoir – how to use the GPS

Today someone asked me how to use the LG Renoir’s Gps. As for the LG Renoir’s GPS, there is only google maps on the phone which you need internet access? to use. Google maps gives you great zoom in for satellite photo imagery and such plus can give you text directions to locations you mark out on the map, in ‘Turn left at xx blah blah’ and the next dot point down could be ‘Turn right at junction xx’ etc style, and can show your location/dot moving across the map of where you are. LG-Renoir info

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One thought on “LG Renoir – how to use the GPS”

  1. Well, where I can find the 2.2.0 version?

    I’ve installed the 2.3.2 version by the cellphone mobile connection and I’ve lost the “My Location” feature.

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