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The LG Renoir game – bejeweled now available for LG Renoir, It has been tested on my phone, the game is fantastic, the sound is good too and even includes the odd snippet of sampled speech. LG Cell phone Software

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String together three or more gems to rack up points in a fast-paced treasure hunt. Advance through levels in normal single-player mode or race the clock in timed mode. It’s a treasure trove of mobile fun! LG-Renoir info

LG Renoir game – bejeweled phone photosLG Cell phone pictures













LG Renoir game – bejeweled download http://rapidshare.com/files/229447138/Bejeweled.jar

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  1. Hi, can you upload the file into another site? It iz extremely difficult & frustrating to download from rapidshare. Rapidshare suckS!

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