LG Renoir firmware v11d

Current LG Renoir firmware version is 11d, 9-MAR-09

All previous patches included, and some new modifications

New features / modifications are highlighted in bold

LG Renoir firmware v11d features
-Based on 10k OPN-EU firmware for latest amss.mbn and DSP version
-Full 120fps flash interface, with several key modifications to core .swf files
-Minimal memory footprint (all junk files removed)
-FLEX files for EU, GB, HKG users (send me more and i can include them in future updates)

-Google widget on desktop (working with/without wifi)
-Colour icons on black theme
-No click ring = faster icon drag (can put them back if you want)
-Scrolling almost working as it should in gallery
-Colour coded navigation buttons in JAVA
-Removed Java splash screen -applications load faster
-Colour coded Java buttons
-Removed java nag screens
-Camera “No Sound” option
-Working calendar widget
-No operator text – but you still get the “w” button
-Faster image loading in “my images” once thumbnails have been generated
-Includes 4 full screen java apps, Google Maps, Mobile G-Maps, Opera Mini and EBuddy
-Coloured signal indicator
-General performance improvements (faster menu / keylock / widgets / gallery)
-Improved photo loading in “my images” some more
-More customised FLEX’s
-Speed dial and shortcut loading time improved (credit to djk314)
-New camcorder and image editor PXOs
-New MODULES  LG-Renoir info

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6 thoughts on “LG Renoir firmware v11d”

  1. This sounds great, but WHERE can we get the DOWNLOAD? Please someone post a link, or shed some light! Its not available on lgmobile website!

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. I updated my phone on 15-Mar. but the firmware installed is V10f.
    when this new version will be available? I am so eager to have the new features mentioned above.

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