LG Renoir bugs

Now I found a couple of bugs from the LG Renoir.. LG Phone Problem and solution
1. the sms sound hardly kick inn.
mostly my LG Renoir vibrate but i get no sms sound.
lame bug.. (extra lame if you turn off the vibrate)
EDIT: this was pretty much fixed when i did a “reset settings”

2. the LG Renoir locks in the videoplayer.
the phone dosnt freeze but you can’t get out off the videoplayer app.
only two i’ve found yet.

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9 thoughts on “LG Renoir bugs”

  1. Some Lg Renoir Bugs i have:

    Frozen 1 time when closing video capture.

    Sometimes Memorycard logo on top of the screen gets weird 8bit coloured.

    Not a bug but loading time for music player is extreme long. I do have 6 gig of music, loading time for artists menu takes 1 minute aprox.

    Auto focus isnt always at it’s best.

    Can’t play some divx videos. Even when converted with official Divx Converter 6.

    not a bug but: Phone can’t handle MicroSD 16gb yet. Firmware update ?

    Frozen 1 time when looking for wifi spot.

    There are some more but can’t remember.

  2. I tried to upgrade the Renoir software. During the upgrade (at 14 %) it gave error message that the connection had failed. If i with the upgrade software check it seems that the upgrade is succesfully, but …. .Now my phone is froozen and gives a permanent massage “please wait … “

  3. i have same problem asxmgxmg9 ,I tried to upgrade the Renoir software , update failed Now my phone is froozen and gives a permanent massage “please wait, is there any solution for this problem .. enyone please

  4. hi my one hangs at the start screen need to reset. do you know full hard reset code thing (green center red and lock ect) plesase helppp

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