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The GPS in the LG Renoir is a receiver device, and then LG had the mobile google maps application (software) installed, there’s no GPS option as such, apart from choosing standard or Assisted GPS (Leave Assisted selected).  LG Cell phone Software

You can install other softwares that utilize the GPS hardware device such as AmazeGPS, which is free apart from data you have to pay for when using it with the internet (which you need to sign up for with your operator. LG-Renoir info

You can get AmazeGPS here: http://www.amazegps.com/welcome.php

The google maps software can show you where you are on satellite imagery, and you can see yourself (a dot of your location) moving across the map as you move, it can also provide text instructions to get to a destination after you run a search on it, very basic GPS sofware, but better than nothing, requires a connection also.

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  1. lg renoir does have GPS, i have the phone, load up google maps and leave it to connect to GPS, mines usualy 2-4 meters out, which is really good

  2. How do you get google maps to work ? im on vodafone and it tries to connect via wifi which i dont have. How can i get the gmaps to work via wap and internet acces via this method any help greatly appreciated.

    I’ve tried lg site they dont support this phone neither do vodawank.

  3. press speaker symbal on top of screen and turn off your wifi,but if you dont want wifi you will get data charges if you not on a data plan

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