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This Android phone in Korean language is called the LG LU2300, is said to be exclusive sale of the Android phones in Korea. Since it is just sold in Korea, why do I report it? We naturally want to know how the sales situation of the Apple iPad in US, and when the HP iSlate is launched in US, so why we do not know about the development of LG in its country? Due to the LG LU2300 Android specifications, it is absolutely one of the most important phones. LG Cell Phone News

LG LU2300 Android Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



The LG LU2300 Android features a 3.5-inch 800 x 480 AMOLED capacitive screen, use the Android 2.1 system, horizontal QWERTY keyboard, support for DivX file playback, WIFI, GPS, DMB Tuner, Snapdragon 1Ghz processor and the most importance of the 500 megapixel camera supporting for 720p video shooting. LG Cell Phone Previews

LG LU2300 Android Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



According to the sources, the LG LU2300 Android will be available in Korea in April or May this year, as for if the LG LU2300 Android is the C710 Aloha that was in earlier rumors? It needs to be determined. Anyway, this is certainly the 720p Android phones that we are expecting, because there is only HTC EVO 4G available for choice by now. LG Android Phones

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