LG Quantum C900 Hard / Factory Reset

In this post you are going to learn how to hard/factory reset your LG Quantum C900. This process will bring the LG Quantum C900 back to the factory settings or the way it was when you bought it, solving one of the following malfunctions: freezing, running slower than usual, behaving strange or not responding to commands. Below I’ll guide you to do the method step by step, just make sure you follow my instructions as it is okay! LG Windows Phone 7

How to do a Hard/Factory Reset on LG Quantum C900:

  1. Turn OFF the device. If LG Quantum C900 is frozen, pull out the battery and reinsert it;
  2. Press and hold the camera button and in the same time press both volume buttons until you’ll see a "COLD BOOT" screen;
  3. Release all the buttons and leave the device alone while that screen sits;
  4. The handset will boot up like its out of the box with all content deleted.

Caution: The procedure does not erase data stored on the SIM card or memory card however I suggest you to back up all your personal data before doing the hard reset on your LG Quantum C900. LG Phone Problem and Solution

If you have any problems following this guide, feel free to let me know. I will assist you as soon as possible. LG-Quantum info

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