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There’s generally two ways to connect your LG Prime to a PC, so that you may transfer your music, files, SMS from side to side. One way is to use the USB cable in PC Suite mode. If you use this method, you have to install the usb driver on your PC first, or your PC cannot recognize your LG Prime. Click the following link to download and install the usb driver onto your PC NOW! LG-Prime info

Another way is to use the bluetooth, this method I have never tasted, so if you have any suggestion, please leave your comments here, you’re very welcome here! Have a good day!

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18 thoughts on “LG Prime Drivers Download”

  1. For anybody struggling (like I did) to get the driver for the USB port:

    All the download sites I found at first wanted me to establish an account to get the download or update all my other drivers at the same time. Resisting this, I finally found the following LG link:


    I downloaded the LG Mobile Support Tool at this site, which allowed me to download the LG Prime USB driver.

    NOTE: At this point I continued to follow the given directions but was stuck until I found a help screen that said to be sure that the phone’s USB mode was set to “mass storage” (mine was set for music download). [This is supposed to be done with the micro-USB plug disconnected.]

    With this set properly Windows responded smoothly (the 4 previous hours not withstanding) and I was able to view the phone as a disk on my PC.

  2. never had a problem with my LG prime i got bad hearing any how but can hear fine with the built in speaker never had a problem with the touch screen or any thing else

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