LG Prada 2 On Sale in Europe

The LG Prada 2 – also named LG KF900 Prada could be found under your Christmas tree this year. So if you happen to live in Europe, the LG Prada 2 is now on sale for €600 (that’s over $800 USD).  LG Cell phone news

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The LG Prada 2 comes with a 3″ WQVGA touchscreen (240×400) and a full touch user interface, a full QWERTY keyboard (it’s a slider), a 5MP autofocus camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics is on board, and the camera also has the ability to record D1 (720×480) videos at 30 frames per second, and it’s also features include WiFi, Bluetooth and HSDPA.  LG-Prada-2

This is the perfect device for the fashion-conscious mobile user… Or anyone else that simply must have that fancy brand-name tagged on all of their gear.

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