LG Pop GD510 Tricks – How to backup CUST

The following tutorial is how to backup CUST on your LG Pop GD510. LG-Pop info

Open LG Utilise 0.4.2.
D [Enter]
\\.\USB1 [Enter]
C:\GD510.flb ( Or whatever you called your FLB) [Enter]
3: Before you click enter at the end, turn you LG Pop GD510 off, take the SIM, SD Card & battery out. Now click ENTER and quickly click ENTER and connect your POP.
#4: Wait 5/10mins.
#5: When complete, open you C drive and you should see CUST.

I haven’t time to do this tutorial. Please leave your comments here to tell me if it works. Good Luck! LG Phone Problem and Solution

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  1. Droid X has finished updating to Android 2.2 already. How’s LG Ally? I hope LG or Verizon would not abandon updating Ally to FroYo…

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