LG Pop GD510 Hidden Menus

Below is the Hidden Menus works on the LG Pop GD510. Do not play with this unless you are familiar with all of the settings listed.  Help will not be offered when you mess up your LG Pop GD510 phone. I’m not responsible if you reset your phone and wipe everything off. Good luck! LG-Pop info

Go onto dialing, enter 1809#*510#, from here you can test all your phones stuff like:
scroll down and tap OTHERS, SELECT AGING TEST.

You can test vibration and audio here – it vibrates for 20 seconds, plays some Korean pop band, and plays billy jean by michael jackson.

Also if you want to know the IMEI number, go back to dialing, type in *#06#.

EDIT: this works with any LG: replace the "510" with the last 3 numbers of your phone model. LG KP502 = 1809#*502#

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