LG Pop GD510 Hard Reset

Hey Friends, if you have to remove the History or clean the Enter Addresses in the Browser Then Follow the Steps to do a hard reset on your LG Pop GD510. LG-Pop info

  1. Go to the Menu & Select the Phone Setting…
  2. Then in the Phone Setting Select the " Reset Setting " & Say Yes to Reset The Setting. Then Give the Default Pin 0000
  3. Then Say Yes. All Setting will be Reset.
  4. Then your LG Pop GD510 has been reset. Go to the "Browser" & See the Enter Address. It will be Blank or cleaned.

After the Hard Resetting, remember to set the phone Date,Time & General Setting’s Like Setting Profile ETC. Hope it would be helpful.

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  1. my phone is getting restart when i open any applciation or any other thing what to do to reslove this prblm

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