LG Pop GD510 Firmware V10H Update

The latest version of the LG Pop GD510 firmware is not V10F, or even V10G. Yes, LG has just released the newest firmware for the LG Pop GD510, the version is V10H. LG Cell Phone Software

Is there many differences between the V10G and V10H? Sorry, I have no idea so far, because I haven’t upgraded my phone to the latest version V10H. But don’t worry, It will be done very soon, I will put my update process to the post afterward. As for the flash tutorial of the LG Pop GD510, you can follow the link below, it will give you a very specific instruction. If you flash your phone according to it said, it won’t be any issues in your phone. Good luck! LG-Pop info

LG Pop GD510 Firmware V10H Download:

How to Flash LG Pop GD510 from V10G to V10H? Try the link below:

LG Pop GD510 Phone Photos LG Cell Phone Pictures



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4 thoughts on “LG Pop GD510 Firmware V10H Update”

  1. Hi,

    I have unlocked LG GD510. I want to upgrade my firmware but I fear that it might lock back my phone. I have searched online and half people say no and half says yes “it can lock back my phone”. Please suggest me should I upgrade or not.

  2. sir my phone is lg gd510…this few days my phone is dead..i want to flash it..i dont know the version…what to do and how?
    please help me

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