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Hi everybody, I have found the LG Pop Game EDGE by Mobigame, it’s 240*400 resolution, touch and fullscreen, and works fine. No status bar/D-Pad! Here is the .jar file. LG Cell Phone Games

LG Pop Game EDGE by Mobigame Description: In Edge the player controls a cube in a geometric landscape consisting of platforms and moving shapes. Viewed from a isometric perspective, the cube can either be moved by pushing it with a finger or by tilting the handset. Throughout the world are prisms that the player has to pick up. The prisms increase the rolling speed of the cube. Each level is full of traps where the player can fall if he does not manage to roll his cube from a platform to another in the right time. After a level has been completed the player gets a rating based on how many times he has failed, the number of prisms he has picked up and how long it has taken. LG-Pop info

LG Pop Game EDGE by Mobigame Download

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