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Many of you seem to have problems on how to start the GPS system on LG cell phones. Currently I own LG VX6100, and after reading an old thread on this forum I couldnt figure out how to initiate the GPS sys on my cell, but after playing around with settings, I was able to do it. LG Phone Problem and solution

LG Phone tips – Follow this steps:
1) Go into the menu, press 0, and enter the service code which usually is 000000
2) Go into option 2 (Field Tests), option 6 (gpsOne), and then option 1 (gpsOne Screen), turn that ON.
3) After doing that go into option 5 (NV), and then option 5 (gpsOne Lock), and select mobile. Then go back to gpsOne menu. And hit option 4 to start application. This will initiate the gpsOne system.
4) Then go into option 2, which is test num, remember that number because that is the number you will have to dial in order to get the GPS info.

So dial that number and you should receive the GPS info, hopefully.


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brent on 25 September, 2013 at 6:51 am #

I need unlock code for LG VX6100. Using old phone and I don’t know the code to unlock.

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