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Hello everybody, I searched nearly the hole board and finally created a list with bugs and wishes. I want to contact LG because some of them really need a fix. LG Phone Problem and solution

LG phone – Bug list:

  • Bug: Vibrate doesn’t work when listening to music
  • Bug: random switching off of phone while in lock mode. Only way to restart the phone is to remove the battery.
  • Bug: When playing some SWF files the phone reboots for no reason.
  • Bug: Multitasking is very slow.
  • Bug: Auto retrieve e-mail doesn’t work in some cases
  • Bug: Proper handling of memory cards (above 2GB is supported by hardware)
  • Bug: T9 should not reset between SMSs
  • Bug: When recording video the sound shut itself off suddenly after 5, 30, or 120 seconds without any pattern – just randomly.
  • Bug: No TXT support, but LG‘s specification says TXT support

LG phone – Bug list:

  • UI: The ‘task finished’ menu option for the todo list should be available from all todo list menu’s, not just the top one.
  • UI: Landscape qwerty keyboard should be available in all apps
  • UI: Qwerty keyboard: Ther is no enter button, why?
  • UI: Camera settings: After changing multiple settings in the camera menu and then save it only changes the first setting which was changed.
  • UI: Settings menu’s in general: After confirming something in the browser, or other applications (Not custom) it closes the menu.
  • UI: A better battery indicator that doesn’t drop abruptly from two bars to zero
  • UI: The phone book should have the option to be one long list not rigidly divided into A-D etc
  • UI: Improved delivery reports
  • UI: Finger friendly scroll bars
  • UI: there’s a noticable delay when you click the T9 button, making you think you’ve mis-clicked it.
  • UI: Qwerty keyboard, no apostrophe – only a reverse apostrophe.
  • UI: Camera settings are lost when swapping from rear to front camera.
  • UI: If you press just under the “spacebar” button while writing a msg, it attempts to close the message and save it to drafts.
  • UI: Possibility to go to the next page/image if you are zoomed in, without zooming fully out first.
  • UI: A quick shortcut to the MP3 player.

LG phone – Bug list:

  • Wish: Equalizer for the music player
  • Wish: Ability to have a silent camera & video-camera shutter sound
  • Wish: Ability to have different volumes on each alarm.
  • Wish: No limit on numbers of contacts, memos, to-dos, and SMS recipients
  • Wish: An option to offer flight mode at start up
  • Wish: Possibility to select the compression rate of pictures.
  • Wish: Facetracking, possible?
  • Wish: On sending an sms it should have a list of recent contacts
  • Wish: Voice dialing
  • Wish: Lock with password
  • Wish: No swf limitations
  • Wish: PDF reader shouldn’t have file limitations
  • Wish: Faster Bluetooth, possible?
  • Wish: Better organization of the data files (e.g. show images in the folders they are actually in etc)
  • Wish: Customizable shortcut menu
  • Wish: Java apps allowed to run in background
  • Wish: Java apps access to bluetooth
  • Wish: Option to change font size
  • Wish: Higher speaker volume
  • Wish: Today style screen for appointments etc
  • Wish: Option to select speaker for Radio
  • Wish: Email SSL
  • Wish: SMS Folders
  • Wish: Calendar on Locked standby screen
  • Wish: IMAP push
  • Wish: Faster Auto-Focus (and more accurate), possible?
  • Wish: Better support for MP3 tags
  • Wish: Provide an Option to “Reconnect Mass Storage Device” rather than having to remove and re-install PC Cable.
  • Wish: Make the Alarm sound fade in gradually instead of full blast, like other phones do.
  • Wish: Allow easier fast forwarding of music tracks
  • Wish: Rotate pictures without (visible) quality loss
  • Wish: Ability to make Media Player Visualisation fullscreen with tap
  • Wish: Stopwatch/Timer needed in tools
  • Wish: Ability to have a recurring alarm, say, every Monday at 9am.
  • Wish: Ability to have the camera flash “unconditionally on”.

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sharan on 26 November, 2008 at 3:40 am #

i’m having probs with my radio… was wokring fine last week, and now all of a sudden it aint… i dont’ know if it’s something i have done…

alison on 24 February, 2009 at 2:26 pm #

how do i get rid of the huge phone on my lg 500 screen?!

Mbru on 22 March, 2009 at 5:06 am #

Very Nice

kirsten on 31 March, 2009 at 5:12 pm #

i wish i had a Lg phone

saurio on 21 October, 2009 at 8:48 pm #

I have an LG Arena and it’s just garbage. The only thing i like is the awesome sound quality but this is a damn phone not an mp3 player!!! It can’t even play DivX videos that are larger than 320×240 pixels and the phone has a super high resolution. Just junk. No apps btw and well…it’s just crap. Get a nokia phone or an iphone. Those are better far better. My nokia 6300 is better than my LG because it has no bugs and IT WORKS! I hope other LG phones are not as bad as the Arena. Please do yourself a favour and don’t buy the Arena

J on 12 April, 2010 at 11:22 am #

I have big problems with alarms is my LG phone. Both wake up alarms and meeting alarms. You simply can’t trust it. Most of the time the wake up alarm never works.

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