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Hello. I has put together a list of some the flash files/firmware of the LG P Series Phone. Although these phones are somewhat out of fashion, but it just works for those who really need it. Good luck.

LGP Series Phone Flash File / Firmware Download:

LGP Series Phone Includes

LG Optimus Me

  • P350 LGP350AT-00-V10g-EUR-XX-SEP-22-2011-0
  • P350F LGP350fAT-00-V10a-724-XXX-APR-04-2011-0
  • P350G LGP350gAT-00-V10a-714-03-MAY-16-2011-1
  • P355 LGP355AT-00-V10i-OPEN-CN-APR-09-2012-0

LG Optimus One

  • P500 LGP500AT-00-V20h-EUR-XX-OCT-24-2011-0
  • P500H LGP500hAT-00-V20b-724-XXX-NOV-18-2011-0
  • P503 LGP503AT-00-V10e-ARB-XX-DEC-02-2010
  • P504 LGP504AT-00-V11b-WFM-XXX-APR-12-2011-0-DZ

LG Phoenix

  • P505 LGP505AT-01-V20f-310-410-DEC-22-2011-0-DZ
  • P505CH LGP505CHAT-01-V20a-302-720-NOV-08-2011-CHR-CA-0
  • P505R LGP505RAT-01-V20a-302-720-NOV-11-2011-RGS-CA-0

LG Thrive

  • P506 LGP506AT-01-V11h-310-410-MAY-02-2011-0

LG Optimus T

  • P509 LGP509AT-00-V10s-310-260-APR-23-2011-0


  • P520 LGP520AT-00-V10c-ARE-XXX-JUL-25-2011-0
  • P525 LGP525AT-00-V10g-ARE-XXX-JUL-20-2011-0

LG Optimus L5

  • P610S LGP610S-00-V10n-460-00-Dec-26-2011-0

LG Optimus Net

  • P690 LGP690AT-00-V10d-EUR-XX-DEC-08-2011-0
  • P690B LGP690BAT-00-V10i-302-610-JAN-19-2012-0ZTE T760
  • P690F LGP690fAT-00-V10a-ISR-XXX-JAN-25-2012-0
  • P692 LGP692AT-00-V10b-222-01-NOV-25-2011-0
  • P693 LGP693AT-00-V10f-CN-XX-MAR-28-2012-0
  • P698 LGP698AT-00-V10h-SEA-XXX-JAN-12-2012-0
  • P698F LGP698fAT-00-V10e-724-XXX-JAN-13-2012-0

LG Optimus L7

  • P700 LGP700AT-00-V10g-EUR-XX-JUN-23-2012-0
  • P705 LGP705AT-00-V10b-AME-XX-MAY-18-2012-0
  • P705G LGP705gAT-00-V10c-RGS-CA-MAY-10-2012-0
  • P705GO LGP705GOAT-01-V10b-505-02-MAY-23-2012-0
  • P708G LGP708gAT-00-V10a-730-03-MAY-14-2012-1

LG Optimus 3D Max

  • P720 LGP720AT-00-V10c-EUR-XXX-MAY-08-2012-0
  • P720H LGP720hAT-00-V10a-724-XXX-MAY-11-2012-0
  • P725 LGP725AT-00-V10b-ARB-XXX-MAY-08-2012-0

LG Optimus 4X HD

  • P880 LGP880AT-00-V10b-AME-XXX-JUL-12-2012-0

LG Optimus 3D

  • P920 LGP920AT-00-V21e-EUR-XXX-Apr-19-2012-0
  • P920H LGP920hAT-00-V20a-724-XXX-DEC-22-2011-0

LG Thrill 4G

  • P925 LGP925AT-00-V20p-310-410-FEB-22-2012-0
  • P925G LGP925gAT-01-V20c-302-720-DEC-22-2011-0

LG Nitro HD

  • P930 LGP930AT-01-V10j-310-410-FEB-26-2012

LG Optimus LTE

  • P935 LGP935AT-01-V10a-302-220-JAN-24-2012-0

LG Optimus True HD LTE

  • P936 LGP936AT-00-V10c-454-XXX-APR-07-2012-0

LG Prada 3.0

  • P940 LGP940AT-00-V10o-EUR-XXX-MAR-23-2012-0

LG Optimus Black

  • P970 LGP970AT-00-V20o-EUR-XXX-MAR-03-2012-0
  • P970H LGP970hAT-00-V20c-724-XXX-MAR-12-2012-0
  • P970G LGP970gAT-01-V20i-302-220-MAR-28-2012-0
  • P970N LGP970NAT-01-V20b-232-03-MAR-07-2012-0

LG Optimus 2X

  • P990 LGP990AT-00-V20q-EUR-XX-JAN-24-2012-0
  • P990H LGP990hAT-00-V20a-724-05-NOV-28-2011-1

T-Mobile LG G2X

  • P999 LGP999AT-01-V21y-310-260-MAR-11-2012-0

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how to dawnlod LG P725 firmwere flash filw

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how to dawnlod LG P725 firmwere flash file

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