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What’s the PRL? The PRL is a list of bands and channels in order of preference which the phone uses when it attempts to locate and connect to a cell system, such as when you first turn the phone on. LG Android Phones

This is a guide to changing your PRL on Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V. I’m not the author, but it works on my phone well (tested yesterday). This process seems long but it actually takes less than 1 minute to do once you have everything setup.  LG Phone Problem and Solution

Disclaimer: Changing your PRL can build up a lot of roaming data/calls if you use a modified PRL/other carrier PRL if you are not careful. Use another PRL at your own risk. Don’t play around with the settings in QPST unless you know what you are doing.   LG-Optimus info

All things you will need:

Get Your MSL Code:

  1. Log into your Virgin Mobile account.
  2. Click this link
  3. Although you get a 404 error page, search the page for "msl:"
  4. The six numbers after msl: are your MSL code. Write them down.

How to Change PRL on LG Optimus V Steps:

  1. Turn on USB Debugging, and connect your LG Optimus V to your PC.
  2. Open Device Manager.
  3. Ports > LGE Android Platform USB Serial Port > Properties > Port Settings > Advanced > COM port number
  4. Change the value to a port number below 10. (demo restriction of CDMA Workshop)
  5. Open CDMA Workshop
  6. Select the proper port from step 4. Hit "Connect."
  7. Under the "Security" tab, find "SPC/User Lock."
  8. Change the drop down menu to "LG method," and click "Read."
  9. Write down the number that appears in the box. This is your MSL code. Now close CDMA Workshop, we won’t need it anymore.
  10. Install QPST.
  11. Open "QPST Configuration".
  12. In the "Ports" tab, if your com port isn’t listed, select "Add New Port" and write in your com port as "COM#" (# being the number you selected in step 4). Verify that your com port is listed.
  13. Make sure your LG Optimus V appears in the the "Active Phones" tab.
  14. Click "Start Clients." Choose "SERVICE PROGRAMMING." Select your phone.
  15. Click "Read from Phone."
  16. Enter your MSL code from step 9 when promoted. (It will not finish reading from your phone. It will stop near the end and report an error. This is normal.)
  17. Hit "Save to File" to backup your phone’s settings and PRL to a .qcn file. (Optional but recommended)
  18. Select the "Roaming" tab.
  19. Under "Preferred Roaming Enable" choose "Browse…" and select the 60677.prl or 61677.prl file.
  20. Under the "System" tab change "Roam Preference" to "Home only". (Optional but recommended)
  21. Click "Write to Phone," and your LG Optimus V should immediately reboot. Do not disconnect your LG Optimus V until it has booted back up.

The PRL should be written to your LG Optimus V now. You can verify it by going to settings > about phone > software information > more > PRL Version. If you want to switch back to a stock PRL, follow the same steps but use the Virgin 61007 PRL or use your .qcn backup by selecting "Load from File" in the QPST SERVICE PROGRAMMING.

If you try different PRL’s and get better service, please post your results here.

Update 1: Even though you can enable roaming using the QPST System tab under Roam Preferences, and you can actually connect to the Verizon towers, your calls will prompt you for a credit card, and your data will not work while roaming. I recommend leaving roaming on "Home Only." Even though you can’t roam, an updated PRL will give you better coverage on Sprint’s network. There are already reports that this fixes the 3G connectivity issue.

Update 2: I have created a hybrid PRL numbered 61676. I manually picked that number, and it may conflict with the PRL # of one released in the distant future, just fyi. I created the PRL by taking 60676 and removing a few roaming entries to make room. I then compared the entries in 61007 to it, and added all the non-roaming entries that 60676 lacked. It will almost be impossible to figure out if these additional entries help at all, but they can’t hurt. I’m attaching 61676 below if you guys want to test it out. I promise nothing, but so far my phone has not complained about using it. Let me know how it works out if you do try it.

Update 3: Added new 60677 and a new hybrid 61677

Update 4: Proof that it is worthwhile to do!

Update 5: Added 01115 PRL. It is the latest from Sprint. Don’t know why it is numbered like it is. I’m not going to make another hybrid prl for it because it is too time consuming, and I see no benefits from it.

Roaming does not work on Virgin Mobile! While roaming, you will not receive your phone calls or texts, and you can’t make calls or send texts! Your data will also not work when roaming.

Source http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=991668

LG Optimus V PRL Download:

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