LG Optimus V Factory Reset

Today let us see how to perform a factory reset on LG Optimus V. Factory reset helps you to get back all your settings, files, applications, data in memory, re-establish communication, and closes the running applications from your LG Optimus V.

CAUTION! If you perform a factory reset, all user applications and user data will be deleted. Please remember to back up any important data before performing a factory reset. LG Phone Problem and Solution

1. Press “Home” > Settings >Privacy >Factory Data Reset

2.  Read the message stating the types of data that will be deleted, then tap Reset Phone.

3.  If you are certain that you would like to restore all factory settings, tap Erase everything. Your phone will reset to the factory settings. LG-Optimus info

Or you can use this method:

1. Turn off your LG Optimus V.

2. Press and hold the following keys for over 5 seconds: Down volume key + Home
+ Power

3. When the power turns on, release these keys.

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16 thoughts on “LG Optimus V Factory Reset”

  1. I cannot access the app store or do updates on my LG Optimus 5. I am asked for my google password, but get a screen showing my youtube username. entering the youtube password does not work. Any suggestions.

  2. mine will ONLY turn on by doing the hard reset, and it has a pattern lock and i cant figure it out??

  3. Yes i cannot seem to put in the right password on my LG Optimus V i was wondering if there was anyway i could reset my phone to a point where it doesnt need the password to unlock it, i would even pay if it ment getting my phone back

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