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Following is the method to tell you how to enter into LG Optimus V Emergency Download Mode, this mode will help you to connect your LG Optimus V to your computer and use flashing tools (e.g. LGDMP) to restore or change your firmware. I am pretty sure it can get your phone working again if it is bricked. Good luck. LG Phone Problem and Solution

To Enter Emergency Download Mode on the LG Optimus V: LG-Optimus info

  1. Power off the LG Optimus V.
  2. To confirm Remove the Battery.
  3. Plug in the USB cable and wait for the charging screen to come on.
  4. Now Press and HOLD the following Keys in the same order: Return Button, Volume Down Button, and the Power Button.
  5. Let go off all the buttons when you first see the LG logo.

Caution: Remember to backup your files before flashing. This will erase all of your personal data. LG-Optimus info

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SirBarmy on 24 February, 2012 at 6:31 am #

Anyone attempting this mode, please keep in mind that if you can see a battery charging when your phone is plugged in that it is not bricked to the point of using this mode. Emergency mode will brick your phone entirely and is highly recommended not to use unless you can’t get anything besides the lg logo to appear.

After all of that, theres a lot more to using emergency mode then pushing a few buttons. For that please direct your browser to the android central forums on these modes:

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