We just stumbled upon some photos of a yet unannounced LG handset that might be the company’s next flagship. The Android smartphone is supposedly called LG Optimus U1. LG Android Phones

The LG Optimus U1 will, reportedly, be company’s first handset that running Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, featuring a couple of 1.5GHz Scorpion cores and a large 4.5-inch 720p touchscreen display. LG Cell Phone News

The release date for the LG Optimus U1 is yet to be confirmed, but word on the street is that it will launch in the next year, whether that means January, or even in Q1 at all, we’re not yet sure. We’d quite like to get our hands on it now though! LG-Optimus info

LG Optimus U1 Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures



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