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Hi.  Of the three LG Optimus phones I have on my account, each one has experienced an issue with the Google calendar where the calendar is completely blank.  We all use Agenda Widget, but I don’t think that program is to blame.  Rebooting the device may restart the calendar with the correct data, but who wants to reboot?  To refresh the calendar data, following is the full instructions I take. LG Android Phones

How to refresh the Google calendar on LG Optimus when it is blank Steps:

1. Menu, Settings, Applications, Manage Applications
2. Tap the "All" tab
3. Tap "Calendar storage"
4. Tap "Clear data" – My calendar data runs close to 1 MB
5. Back, Back, Back, Accounts & Sync (or get to Accounts & Sync however you want)
6. Tap the Google account
7. Toggle the check mark for "Sync Calendar"
8. Exit

Would it be possible to write an application that can clear the calendar data and trigger a sync with one button?  I don’t know anything about writing code.  This process can also work for contacts and gallery, probably Gmail, too. LG Phone Problem and Solution

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