LG Optimus T Tips – How to Turn on the Speech to Text

Is it possible when you talk on LG Optimus T and it texts for you? Yes, we’ve got two method to do this. Below is details, if you found this post helpful, please help me out by submitting it to your favorite social network. Thanks everyone and have a great week!   Don’t forget to subscribe..  LG Android Phones 

Method 1: From your LG Optimus T home screen, press and hold the physical button on the bottom right of the device.  It is green with a lower case ‘g’ on it.  From there, wait until you see : : : listening : : : at the bottom, then say for example, "Send text Mom [insert message]" It will process and take you to the compose message screen with your message in the box.  Be sure to check whether or not the message is correct.

Method 2:  Go to compose a message, tap ‘tap to compose,’ long press ‘tap to compose’ and select input method then dragon dictation and finally tap to speak at the bottom…thereafter, when you compose a message this input method will already be available and you can simply tap ‘tap to speak.’ LG-Optimus info

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