LG Optimus T OTA Update

Wonderful news for LG Optimus T owners that the LG Optimus T has just got its OTA update. It fix many problems though I haven’t tried that.  LG Cell Phone Software

You don’t know how to get a way to get your LG Optimus T updated? Don’t worry, that’s very easy if you follow the tutorial below:

Once you open your LG Optimus T:

  1. Tap Menu
  2. Tap settings
  3. Tap system update Or firmware update
  4. Then your phone will be automatically updated.

Caution: This is an OTA update, not a firmware flash. So you needn’t to backup your phone. Your files and data will still here after the updating. Have a good day.  LG-Optimus info

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3 thoughts on “LG Optimus T OTA Update”

  1. I did all those steps and my phone reset and is flashing the LG screen then flashing to updating firmware then flashes to the Lg screen then back. Help me please.

  2. I am having the exact same issues as Joe. I don’t really know what to do. Upon accepting the update there was an approximate time of 10 minutes, however it’s been about an hour.
    It’s pretty annoying.

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