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This file was supplied by eps1lon3 on androidcentral.com. I have simply changed the file name so it is ready to flash, and uploaded it to my website that does not need a subscription to download.

LG Optimus S ZVJ update.zip Download:

Remember: If you want to root your LG Optimus S ZVJ by flashing this update.zip, never forget to rename the file name from “lg-optimus-s-zvj-update.zip” to “update.zip”, and placed the file on the root of your SD card. Good luck.

How to flash the ZVJ update.zip Steps:

  1. Enter into the VH recovery (How?)
  2. Press [Vol Dwn] button once to highlight "apply sdcard:update.zip"
  3. Press the [Menu] button to run the ZVJ updater
  4. After around 75 seconds (based on class 6 sdcard) it will return to the recovery menu
  5. If you get a signature error, either you don’t have stock recovery or your ZVJ update.zip download is corrupted.
  6. At this point you need to press the [Menu] button to continue the rest of the install (write the radio, boot android, recreate dalvik-cache).
  7. This should take anywhere from 3-5 minutes. Your phone will reboot. When the update is done, you should be booted into Android. You are now running ZVJ with ZVJ Radio.

Caution: To root the ZVJ Baseband, you MUST start from a rooted version of ZVD or ZVH. Nothing else will work as of now.

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