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I found the LG Optimus S ZVD and ZVH update.zip file from androidforums.

Caution: DO NOT flash the update unless you have stock LG-based software and stock LG/Sprint recovery image flashed.

LG Optimus S ZVD / ZVH update.zip Download

Flash LG Optimus S ZVD / ZVH update.zip From Sdcard:

  1. Download and put the Update.zip in your root of sdcard.
  2. Booting into recovery
  3. After booting to recovery (pictures provided below if you are doing this blind)
  4. Press [Vol Dwn] TWICE to highlight "wipe data/factory reset"
  5. Press [Menu] to select
  6. Press [Vol Dwn] SEVEN times to highlight "Yes — delete all user data"
  7. Press [Menu] to select
  8. Then [Vol Dwn] wipe cache partition" and "advanced > wipe dalvik cache"
  9. From Recovery, use "install zip from sdcard" and turn off "signature verification",
  10. Use "apply sdcard:update.zip" to install the ZVD / ZVH update.zip

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