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I searched around the whole internet and cannot find the answer how to keep my LG Optimus S wifi working when it is locked. However, I fortunately found the settings from my phone. If the issue is annoying you as well, haha, you come to the right place. Iā€™m going to share this tip on this thread, good luck, buddy. LG Android Phones

Now open your LG Optimus S and follow the steps: from the home Screen, hit Menu key>Settings>wireless and networks>Wifi settings> in this screen hit the Menu key click advanced>Wifi Sleep policy, and select Never.

Okay, now your LG Optimus S will keep working though you locked your phone up. This tip works on any other LG device which runs Android OS, like LG Optimus T, Optimus One and etc. LG-Optimus info

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Awesome ..thanks

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Thank you…much better

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