LG Optimus S Tip – How to Remove the Powering up Sound

The LG Optimus S has an annoyingly loud power up sound which does not even play when booting is finished, but right in the middle of boot.  LG Android Phones

If you have Root access, you can correct this.


Rooted LG Optimus S
Root explorer OR Astro file manager [if you have remounted the Dir as R/w already]
Replacement for the annoying sound [1 sec long silent mp3]

Step 1: Open Root Explorer and go to your root directory, then navigate to
Step 2: If you see "r/o" at the top of Root Explorer in this folder, press the [Mount R/W] button. this will remount the drive as writable.
Step 3: Rename or delete the existing "PowerOn" in the folder
Step 4: Copy the PowerOn.MP3 from the link in Requirements, and place it in
/system/sounds/poweron/<place here>
Step 5: Reboot to test. if done correctly you should hear a distinct sound on boot – Silence! LG-Optimus info

Well, without this method, there is an easier way, to downloaded the silent boot from the market, we glad to know the app works perfectly. Good luck! LG Phone Problem and Solution

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