LG Optimus S Roam Control Software

Here is a basic beta software that allows your LG Optimus S access to roam control. There must be many bugs in the thread, feel free to let me know. If this helped you out remember to thank my post. Note: this app only can be used on an unrooted phone. Good luck.LG Cell Phone Software

I didn’t get a chance to test the application because I bricked my LG Optimus S, so I am going to hold off on putting it in my ROM. It also needs a lot more work because I am by no means an application developer and learned everything you see here in the last two days. LG-Optimus info

LG Optimus S Roam Control Software Download:

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  1. Hey thank you very much for finding this hidden screen and making the .apk. I really appreciate this because i was too having issues with the phone jumping from tower to tower constantly where i work. At home i get service but out at work or when im storm chasing i need this for my software. Thanks!!

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