LG Optimus S Free Wireless Tethering

This is an another method for you to tether your LG Optimus S for free. If you want to take a look with the previous method, click here. Okay, now let’s come back to this post. LG Android Phones

Warning – This exploit is guaranteed to be patched in an OTA update pushed down from Sprint/LG in the near future. If you enjoy this mod, i highly suggest you do not accept or apply that update. LG Phone Problem and Solution

This does not require root and works on rooted and non-rooted LG Optimus S device.
go the market and get the free application "Hotspot Widget" by Harald Muller. Any hotspot widget should work but we’ll use Haralds in this example. After it downloads do the following:  LG-Optimus info
1) long press a blank spot on your screen and select add a widget.
2) press Hotspot Widget
3) Now click your new widget

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3 thoughts on “LG Optimus S Free Wireless Tethering”

  1. thats because you’ve accepted the OTA update on ur phone, now u have to root ur phone and use wireless tethering for root users, it’s an app in the market, just download and install, then turn it on

  2. I downloaded this. It asked for an android password since the hotspot was wpa2 secured. Where do I set that or how do I find what it is?

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