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A new custom ROM for the LG Optimus S, nROM, has been released. This Custom ROM is based on official ROMs. This ROM can be cooked and then can be downloaded from the official site. Please select what you want, and the custom ROM chosen by you can then be downloaded.

  • This does not erase /data so no need to back up apps.
  • Long press "search" for voice to text. VTT button is now mapped to "phone."
  • Need force roaming? Use the "Roaming" app in the ROM. LG Android Phones

To download the LG Optimus S nROM Custom ROM:

Features in English. See changelog for specifics: LG Cell Phone Software

  • Usual ROM optimization.
  • Around 160 mb of space to install applications.
  • Includes zefie’s Xionia kernel 011 – capable of overclocking.
  • Ported Burst GatorBoots theme with white circle battery mod and reboot mod.
  • Remapped "voice" button to "call." Long press "search" for voice input.
  • Added : Terminal Emulator, LauncherPro, ES file explorer, LG weather/news widget
    Spare Parts, Wireless Tether, Alarm Clock, RealCalc, Music Mod, Force Roaming

Overclocking: LG-Optimus info

  • To overclock the LG Optimus S on this ROM you first need to get the SetCPU application. SetCPU is also available on the market. Copy it to your SD card and install it using a file manager. Launch the application and change the max to 768000. I do not recommend going any higher than this because the phone may become unstable and freeze or reboot.

Editing your build.prop

  • Open terminal emulator app provided in nROM.
  • Type "su" then "sh /system/tweaks"
  • Follow the prompt.


  • dsixda for his ROM kitchen.
  • kazea182 for hosting nROM.
  • zefie for his kernel.
  • Eliot Stocker for his music mod.
  • ruigui for his build.prop tweaks script.
  • Burst for his theme. <3
  • untermensch for his reboot mod tutorial.
  • The internet.

If you like this LG Optimus S nROM please consider a donation:

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