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The LG Optimus One is set to be launched from Verizon and probably will be renamed as Vortex. The LG Optimus One comes equipped with a 600MHz processor, a 3.2-inch touch display, a 3-megapixel camera and Android 2.2. Other details include your typical Android device support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and a microSD card slot. LG-Optimus info

LG Optimus One Phone Photos – LG Cell Phone Pictures

LG_Optimus_One_2 LG_Optimus_One_1 LG-Optimus-one-2

LG-Optimus-one lg-optimus-one LG-Optimus-one-3


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  1. why is the screen size is just 3.2 inches, not 3.5, 4.0, or 4.3 inches? Is LG not able to make a bigger phone with Android 2.2? I do not find a reason to buy Optimus One in Verizon, instead of having Droid X (2) or Fascinate at all…

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