LG Optimus M User Guide / Manual Download

The LG Optimus M User Guide / Manual is now available on the LG official support site. So if you are new to LG Optimus M Android phone and not sure how to operate your new device. This User Guide / Manual may help you in setting up your device, personalizing, connecting, how to use accessories – from basic use to everything you need to know about your phone. The LG Optimus M User Guide / Manual is made in PDF Format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. LG-Optimus info

To Download the LG Optimus M User Guide / Manual:

Following is the LG Optimus M Datasheet:

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  1. My husband just bought an Android LG Optimus M phone on yesterday. We are having problems setting customized ringtones for each other to the phone; only having the default ringtones available to us. I was going to purchase the same phone next week but I want to be able to customize my ringtones as well. Can you give us instructions or is this function not available with this phone?

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