LG Optimus LTE Download Mode

Following is the step-by-step on how to enter into the LG Optimus LTE’s Emergency Download Mode. Do not change any settings unless you do understand what you are doing! Good luck.

Steps to enter into LG Optimus LTE’s Emergency Download Mode:

  1. Power off the LG Optimus LTE (holding the power button until the phone forces itself off).
  2. To confirm Remove the Battery.
  3. Hold the volume up + power button and plug in the micro usb cable
  4. The phone should then boot up to a screen with a grey box with a down arrow that says download mode.

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5 thoughts on “LG Optimus LTE Download Mode”

  1. Help. I recently downloaded cyogenmod 9 and mod manager onto my Bell LG optimus LTE phone and attempted to flash the phone. After going through step one with mod manager.. my phone hung at the android on skateboard logo and stayed there. Now when I turn it on.. it comes up to the cyogenmod 9 android skateboard logo and stays there. And thats all it does. What do I do next? Please help.

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