LG Optimus Hub E510 USB Driver

The official USB Driver of the LG Optimus Hub is now available for download. If you are just looking for this, you may try the following download link. Hope this helps you. Enjoy.

  1. Download the LG Optimus Hub E510 usb driver. The link has been attached below.
  2. Make sure that the USB cable and LG Optimus Hub E510 are NOT connected to your PC
  3. Install the LG Optimus Hub usb driver
  4. Do not try to plug the LG Optimus Hub into your PC until you have finished installing the driver and restarted your computer.

LG Optimus Hub USB Driver for Windows:

LG Optimus Hub USB Driver for Mac:

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  1. não consegui baixar por esse site que vai depois quando clica no link pra windows, se puderem me ajudar agradeço.

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