Today LG Company posted a video on Youtube to showoff its original “value pack” update for the LG Optimus G Pro in South Korea. It will bring you several capabilities, such as Smart Video, Dual Camera, Pause & Resume recording and other functions after users applying the Value Pack update.

All those features we have seen in the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, those features were originally made by LG. It was Samsung who copied it and released them earlier than LG. Said features are currently under litigation. LG sued Samsung for the said technology. You check all the news related to them.

The value pack update is said to be released starting April 12 in South Korea. Hopefully the update should make their way to other countries when the LG Optimus G Pro become available globally.

Check the LG’s official video on youtube:

Full functions of the Value Pack:

  • Smart Video: Recognizes the position of the viewer’s eyes and automatically plays or stops the video without any manual input from the user.
  • Dual Camera: Simultaneously captures photographs of both the subject and the shooter using both the front and back cameras for a picture-in-picture composition.
  • Pause & Resume Recording: Allows the user to pause and start in record mode for one continuous video file.

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