It looks like the G2 isn’t the only LG phone seeing a KitKat OTA today – LG Optimus G Pro is also arriving at Android 4.4.2 this morning, by way of an over-the-air update.

Kitkat is hitting the LG Optimus G Pro as we speak, but for now it’s available only for the Korean handheld (SKT F240S and LG U+ F240L models), KTF is due to get the update in the end of March. Other country-specific models of the phone are expected to get the software leap soon.

Device Enhancements:

  • It will also speed up the overall system performance and the transfer speeds via MTP, improve the device’s messaging capabilities with the new Hangouts app, change the color scheme of some UI elements such as the notification bar, and improve the RAM management.

Those of you living in LG’s homeland should not have much to do to flash the update, other than ensure you have a stable network connection and hit “install” once you get that sweet automatic prompt message.

Users of the LG Optimus G Pro: have you gotten the Kitkat update yet? How do you like it so far?


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