LG Optimus Elite User Manual / Guide

The LG Optimus Elite user manual / guide is now available for download at Virgin Mobile and Sprint. Users now can take advantage of this manual to enjoy all the functions, features and Apps of the LG Optimus Elite.

Here’s where the service manual for the LG Optimus Elite can be downloaded for free:

LG Optimus Elite User Manual / Guide Download:

LG Optimus Elite DATA SHEET:

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5 thoughts on “LG Optimus Elite User Manual / Guide”

  1. The LG Optimus Elite “Basics Guide” in the “Safety” section on page 33 says “WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm. WASH HANDS AFTER HANDLING.” Can anyone say more about this? What materials? IN what quantities? On what part of the phone? How toxic? etc.

  2. However, take note that it is RoHS compliant 50 percent recycled plastic! Plastic that no doubt we use daily in many other items!!!

  3. Also to date I find nothing about the cancer causing properties in the phone posted in the updated user’s manual updated this year or in the data guide.

    I can’t find a “basics guide” at LG or Virgin. LG posts both the Virgin and the Sprint manuals.

    Perhaps that warning was a miss-labeling early on otherwise it should be continued in all the manuals unless, of course, they changed their “recipe” since that “Basics “Guide” was posted in public!!!

  4. I also have copy of the older user manuals and I come up with a zero on cancer causing chemicals warnings!

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