LG Optimus Elite Tips – Boot Animation & Sound Settings

Things you will need:

  1. Root
  2. Root Enabled File Manager
  3. New Boot Animation – Should be MDPI resolution – 480 x 320dpi
  4. New Boot Sound If you Want to Change It – MP3 about 10 – 15 seconds – Should be some tutorials online to help you make a 10 to 15 second mp3

I always recommend a nandroid backup of a phone before messing with system files but since we don’t yet have cwm recovery we can’t really do that. If you decide to try this be careful that you don’t delete or rename the wrong files and I take no responsibility if you do.

How to change Boot Animation on LG Optimus Elite Steps:

  1. Using your file manager browse to system > media
  2. You will see a file called bootanimation.zip. Rename it to bootanimation.bak
  3. Browse to your sdcard to the location of your new boot animation
  4. Rename your new boot animation to bootanimation.zip if it isn’t already
  5. Copy the new boot animation to system > media
  6. Reboot and Enjoy

If you ever want to change back to stock boot animation delete the bootanimation.zip and rename the bootanimation.bak back to .zip and your set to go

How to change Boot Sound on LG Optimus Elite Steps:

  1. Using your file manager browse to system > sounds > poweron
  2. Rename the file PowerOn.mp3 to PowerOn.bak
    If you just want to disable the power on sound you can stop here.
  3. Browse to the location of the mp3 you want as your new boot sound.
  4. Rename it to PowerOn.mp3
  5. Copy it to system > sounds > poweron
  6. Reboot and enjoy

Linux is case sensitive so the boot animation must be bootanimation.zip all lowercase and the power on sound must be PowerOn.mp3 with uppercase P and O.

Here are a few places you can get boot animations. Some of these are flashable zip’s meant to be flashed in recovery but just extract the zips and copy the boot animation from the system > media folders in the zip file.

[26 MAR][MOD][PORT] Massive Bootanimation Repository !! – xda-developers

[Boot Animation] [12/04/11] A Huge Collection of Boots ~ Updated – xda-developers


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