LG Optimus C User Manual / Guide Download

Cricket has published the its user manual / guide for the LG Optimus C. This LG Optimus C user manual / guide is available online from Cricket’s website in the form of a PDF file. You can download it from the link below.

The LG Optimus C user manual / guide offers users advice to help them get started with using the device. The guide covers the basics – the included applications, how to connect LG Optimus C to the internet and how to play music and video. Set-up, syncing to PC, troubleshooting are all covered in the guide, which also explains how to unlock the phone.

LG Optimus C User Manual / Guide Download:

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4 thoughts on “LG Optimus C User Manual / Guide Download”

  1. This swipe text phone is sweet however some of the most basic things such as multiple texting and incoming calls while using the phone itself are not covered in the manual and as of now five days into owning this phone are still not figured out and many urges to throw the phone at a wall have so far been ignored. Can anyone shed some even dim light on this what should be a walk in the park subject? Feeling dumb in Phoenix

  2. Linda,
    To dim the phone just go into your display settings. This phone is pretty easy to me as soon as you get the hang of the features.

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